Sunday, 1 March 2015

Living Wage to feed hungry kids

Campbell and the usual suspects are at it again. Today's HOS from Susan Edmunds has another lefty rant about hungry kids in schools and child poverty.

This is such a crock. The whole child poverty debate is a statistical line in the sand and has nothing to do with the reality of life.
Anne Tolley fudges the issue completely with a pathetic little sidestep that helps no one. Whining that it's not the Governments issue but community and business also need to get involved and then pointing out that the vast majority of parents feed their kids isn't going to impress upon the left that we are sick and tired of underachievers constantly demanding that the rest of us fund them.

Here is my question to Pat Newman, who is so self righteous and holier than thou in his rage and anger. Why? Why should I pay for people in low income jobs and on benefits to breed numerous kids they cannot afford to have?
Why should my kids have money taken from them to support the kids of losers that cannot keep their pants on?
Why should my kids miss out on things when their Mum and Dad waited until they were no longer on min wage jobs but were considered valuable employees with experience, which is what happens to anyone that wants to work hard and add value?
Why should we as older parents who do not have quite the same fitness and agility of those who are breeding young  fund those who are in some ways better off as they grow with there children?

The instant gratification and fully entitled society being pushed onto us by those of the left is the communist model and we all know how that worked out!