Saturday, 12 March 2016

Do these pricks really believe their own drivel?

Seriously? Auckland's CBD will be in lockdown for the next four years for projects  almost nobody wants and this moron has this to say.

"Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan said cycleways and bus services would help alleviate traffic."
 How on earth stealing roads that motorists and ratepayers paid for and giving them to private bus companies and the few MAML's that use cycleways is going to reduce congestion is a mystery that only this twat and his social engineering scumbag entity seem to understand.

The rest of seem to be able to comprehend that many people NEED their car for a variety of purposes and can't take a bus to work, therefore forcing the roads from two lanes to one will probably not be much help!

These wankers and their idiot agendas led by the current incumbent idiot mayor need rinsed by our next mayor, unfortunately not one person with the stones to do it has put their hat in the ring.

Not one!

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