Wednesday, 30 March 2016

This Barber Highly Recommended

Was walking past here today and noticed that the only customer was about to leave and I needed a haircut so I popped in and took a seat.

Within moments I'm in a chair with a "Is it a number 1 or number 2" (Awesome! Guy takes one look and gets a read, my hair was fairly (for me) long) Two I reply, then a pleasant "Having a good day?"
I agreed I was.

And the action began. No stuffing around no chit chat just a haircut, clippers literally flying, lightening fast comb changes (I wasn't expecting frills but there were) and then a cut throat razor clean up of neck back and sides. And that thing was flying too.

Within minutes I'm in front of counter with best hair cut in decades done in about 5 mins tops. (The lack of a neck protector meant a bit of an itchy afternoon however but hey...a real man doesn't let that grind him time I'll ask)

All this for 12 bucks, like seriously...12 BUCKS! From a real barber, no poncing around and as the man said as I more than happily handed over the card "In and fuss"

Damn straight! I'll be back! I don't live anywhere near Onehunga but I'm over there enough and good service deserves reward.

Oh and I also recommend a pie from Crosby's Pies two doors up.

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