Monday, 18 April 2016

A Dumb Blonde and a dumber 60 Minutes Crew

You know I wasn't going to have a rant about this but fuck it..I am.

This story gives me the fucking shits. There are all the underlying things no one wants to talk about so I'm gonna. No one reads this anyway.

  1. Racism
  2. Sexism
  3.  Progressiveness
  4. Media  

 1: White chick marries middle eastern man AND the fact that middle eastern man does a runner with the kids to his homeland.
Personally she's not getting much support from me here. What the hell did she expect from an entire culture known for its misogyny? 
Was this her little rebellion against her parents? I neither know nor care.

2. In Australia as in NZ when a custody battle is looming men are not just seen as they actually are hugely disadvantaged, they have few rights and little hope of proving they could be a better parent than the mother even if the mother (and I'm generalising here not speaking of any specific person) happened to be some worthless undesirable skank. 
Men have virtually no chance of winning custody of their kids. 
This guy has taken an opportunity and fucked off back to his homeland where the situation is reversed. Men have all the power in the middle east.
Again not much sympathy here for her. She didn't see this coming?

3. The progressives love these guys. The multiculturalism agenda is thriving in Oz and here in NZ. The sympathy card is being played all across the media with talk of how if the boot was on the other foot and a lebo had come here and kidnapped the kids there would be howls of outrage. 
Which of course is true. But the progressives are livid that it is! 

4. The media. They have been found wanting, accused of making the news not reporting it.
Well bloody hell. Its taken some people a bloody long time to wake up to that somewhat salient fact now hasn't it?
I've got sweet FA sympathy for them as they sit in their jail cell either. 

Personally I've got no fucking sympathy for any of them apart from the poor bloody kids. This is the end result of progressive multiculturalism and the rest of them can go fuck themselves. 


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