Sunday, 22 May 2016

HDPA-Trump Voters Are Stuipd

Well the vapid SAFA strikes again, this time calling Trumps supporters stupid along with a number of other outrageous suggestions. Let's take a look at them shall we?
Rich stupid people like to refer to themselves as "The Silent Majority" according to some
"It is normally educated rich people who vote, so when politicians make decisions, they reward the educated rich who put them there.
They don't reward the uneducated poor because that won't win them votes. And when things go wrong, they start taking privileges and rights away from those uneducated poor."
Sorry...what? I guess she's forgotten the KFC and vans and the way WFF was introduced in NZ? 
As a rule the vote buying and outright bribery that occurs during an election cycle is aimed at the unproductive and lazy, those Heather prefers to think of a "poor". For example

"Sanders is promising free tertiary education in a country accustomed to user-pays. He's advocating a 10 per cent surcharge on billionaires in a country where kids are taught to strive to get rich, but few do.
His policies are radical but Bernie's Bros love them. They're young men who care enough this election to vote when young men are normally some of the hardest to get to the ballot box.
Arguably, Sanders' policies are more constructive than the ones promoted by the reality star with the gymnastic face."
Not to hard to see Heather's slathering left wing sympathies and bias dripping from every pore of her body.

She then proceeds to portray Trumps supporters  in the worst possible light

"In a strangely undemocratic twist, some in the US would rather Trump's supporters didn't vote. They think his supporters are racist, misogynists, blue-collar workers and uniformly stupid.
But democracy doesn't require an IQ test. Stupid people are allowed to vote, too."
Apparently they are allowed to write newspaper columns as well!

"He [Trump] has reminded the voters that the power lies with them, not with the political elite in Washington.
He has got people - even the stupid ones - voting."
She really is to much. I'm sure her and Jack Tame are having a wonderful time putting average Americans down that don't agree with their left wing view of the world. If you are reading this from the USA please note that despite her claims she is NOT a Kiwi. 
Herald on Sunday- Heather du Plessis-Allan

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