Sunday, 15 May 2016

Todays HOS-Page One

School installs toilet for transgender pupil, aged 6

 Yep. They really did. Now this is a long winded load of horsehit and I can't be bothered with the whole article, it has no place in a newspaper and belongs in a woman's magazine, reading it was enough to tip me over the rage edge, suffice to say the parents of this kid must be some kind of fucking whack jobs and the school and board of trustees are nothing more than pandering wankers. 

The article claims "a research project  in America in 2014 stated children become aware of their gender identity by age 3 to 5, and a report in the UK yesterday said children as young as 3 were being treated at gender transition clinics."

What a load of crap. I could with no effort whatsoever find a research group that claims beer will assist you to longer life or smoking lowers stress and chocolate is good for you but nobody with half a brain really believes the cheery picking of self interested lobby groups. 

This so called  research will no doubt have been conducted by and/or on the behalf of the poofters ponces and queers in the USA and UK that are forever pushing their homo agendas down everyone elses throats.
There is no fucking way a fucking three year old (or a six year old) is sexually aware of their fucking gender and wants to be opposite to the way they were born. 

The fucking queers and steers will stop at nothing to have themselves put out there at every opportunity right down to driving it into our primary schools. Everyone involved in this should be ashamed.

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