Sunday, 5 June 2016

Let's Tap the Boss for Some More Free Time Off

The NZ Herald has decided to start another moronic ill conceived campaign and has handed the poisoned chalice to Cherie Howie, this time for another day off because if you don't live in South Canterbury then there are no free (statutory) holidays until Labour Weekend after this weekend. Well boo bloody hoo.

At first I thought this was a joke until I saw the Heralds editorial. Even Peter Dunne (nothing) is against it but does get in his republican views and some more pandering to Maori with the idea that the made up joke festival of Matariki Day should replace Queens Birthday.

These halfwit socialists seem to have the misguided idea that the Government controls our holiday time. They don't. They control the legislation.

In NZ we have 31 days of leave of which 20 are annual leave entitlements and 11 are stat days. ANZAC day and Waitangi Day have been made floating leave days now so we miss no days that fall on a weekend.

In the rankings of countries we sit at 50th in terms of days off ahead of Australia in 54th place with 30 days.
In front of us and leading the race is Cambodia with a mind boggling 42 days of leave per year and Austria not to far behind at 38. Malta, Mauritius,France, Slovinia and a wealth of other socialist countries all up in front of us along with most of the basket cases from Africa and Eastern Europe.

So instead of another pathetic campaign why don't the lazy useless shiftless employees at the NZ Herald take a few of those other 20 days they have off and take their own extended long weekends? It's what I'll be doing! 

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