Sunday, 25 June 2017

Couples Dog Shot Dead

These people don't understand why someone would shoot their dog.

Well here's a clue
"We just can't comprehend how someone could do something like that to a dog that's sitting behind a fence not doing anything.
"He did have quite a good bark on him but all he does is just want to play. He just loves doing stuff with people. If someone came up to the fence he'd just be like 'ooh yay, a pat' because often people would walk past and pat him or something."
People loath barking dogs and they loath insular twats that occupy their only little spot in the world and couldn't give a rats ass about anyone else.
What you think of as cute and playful the mother with a new baby trying to sleep thinks of as inconsiderate rude and downright mean.

I've got sweet FA in the way of sympathy for Max. 

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