Thursday, 13 March 2014

OHOHOH there's a cyclone coming

NZ Herald is having a field day whipping up a frenzy of panic and panic buying as tropical cyclone Lusi approaches.

Load of bollocks! Most likely it will peter out in the Pacific and we will get a bit of wind and rain. And the way they are concentrating on ChCh is shameless considering they're unlikely to see bugger all of it. It's going to hit the North first.

I'll stock up on some beer though...just to be on the safe side!

Green party plans to curb economic growth in Northland

The rabid lunatic party is at it again. They intend to take funding for the motorway extension to Northland and use it to build cycle ways for kids to ride to school.

The so called holiday highway is nothing of the sort. Until a decent road is built Northland will always be Aucklands poor cousin. Some of the best beaches and weather in the country and some of the worst and most fatal roads and still the rabid nutjobs keep plugging away.

It's well past fucking time parents put their obsessive safety fears back in the closet got their precious fat assed kids out of the car and onto their bikes, scooters, skateboards and shoes. The whining about fears of being picked up and molested or hit by a car are fucking pathetic. If you're too stupid to teach you're kid how to cross the road you're too stupid to breed.
It's well past time Teresa McCormick was put out of our minds too. Kids are in no more danger from the psycho's now than they were at any other time in our history. The percentage of moral degenerates hasn't risen as far as I know.

The fucking greens need to stop pissing my money away on useless crap and get the fuck out of the way.
Fucking handbrakes the lot of them!

Nia Glassie's mum has parole revoked


Justice has been served....snort!

Well it's sorted. The battle of the sexes is over and women won. It is now acceptable to kill a man asleep in his bed if things are not to your liking.
It's not murder to plunge a knife into the heart of a sleeping man but manslaughter. She went out with an old boyfriend (notice how the snivelling article refers to him as an old flame?) come home gets a knife and kills him and its not premeditated nor is it murder? What a fucking joke.
All married men should now sleep with one eye open. Thank fuck that's not me!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The rabid greens as seen by WO pt 1.

As I said in my first post I intend to use this as my place to vent. So here are some of the comments and my replies from WO's 1st post on the greens today

Laugh it up Monty, but remember who will have to pay the piper. Wussels idea to just print it, wont work.

Yes Blobby but even that idiot can see that quantitative easing is not required in today's economic environment right? 

He's been here and he knows Mollyhawk is tame compared to lying rat faced weasel with dubious parentage. Or anything prior to Monday
Hahahaha because Cameron Slater has decided he is going to be the respectable face  of blogging and increase his readership and potential revenue his comentators can no longer speak their mind even when it comes to a pair of cunts like Russel Norman and Gareth Hughes! SAD!

Norman's mistake was to fire a broadside at Craig. It was a pointless exercise (which Craig seems to be winning) and it's shredded his cloak of self righteous sanctimony.

I seriously doubt Craig is winning this one but if he is good luck to him. The rabid man hating ho bag Clark and her feminazis were more than happy to take issue with anything they didn't like being said and call it libel and run for the courts to shut their critics up. Craig is simply sending the lefts shit back to them!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Labour can't even do the basics

From WOBF once more Labour putting there excitement before their intelligence.
These dimwits cannot even garner that the 9th month is NOT November yet they once more want to tell us how to live our lives and are desperate to molly coddle us to from cradle to grave via the nanny state. Give me fucking strength!

Best Comment:

well don't tell young labour and let them continue to think its november

Lying Len wants to dip into your trousers...again!

Lying Len is at it again, when are we actually going to run the little Bonaparte out of town?
The constant dipping into the ratepayers pockets is now beyond a joke. Add to this his mindboggling desire to have the ability to access our wages and salaries and tax those in the higher brackets more towards their rates is just one more example of how far to the left this snivelling little shit bag is. He has his head so far up the asses of South Auckland's benefit bludgers that it is a wonder they don't burp Chinese fanny farts.
Is this new tactic of robbing the hard working to pay for the indigent and idle his way of making recompense for his sins of pissing all over them and their moral codes? The one thing we can say about his pacifika voter base is they do not take lightly to those that like commit adultery.
A quick burg or a boozy pummelling at the local can be forgiven with an all day Sunday mass and a tithe but not a bit of hanky no no!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

My First Post

Well here it is, my first post on my politically incorrect blog. It's (the blog) not meant to grow, attract readers or even be particularity insightful.  It's my place to vent.
Although given the soft cock small minded venal attitudes of some of those I'll likely be venting at I suppose even on a no readership blog I better watch myself. It seems many politicans and their sycophants have nothing better to do than do word searches on their names to see if someone is taking them seriously. (No one is but they do take some of the shit they do seriously...and like me object to it!)

As I learn how this works I might link to other blogs so when I'm tired of poker I can comment and pull the posts apart as well as the lame ass lefty drivel in our so called press.

Bring it on!