Monday, 10 March 2014

Lying Len wants to dip into your trousers...again!

Lying Len is at it again, when are we actually going to run the little Bonaparte out of town?
The constant dipping into the ratepayers pockets is now beyond a joke. Add to this his mindboggling desire to have the ability to access our wages and salaries and tax those in the higher brackets more towards their rates is just one more example of how far to the left this snivelling little shit bag is. He has his head so far up the asses of South Auckland's benefit bludgers that it is a wonder they don't burp Chinese fanny farts.
Is this new tactic of robbing the hard working to pay for the indigent and idle his way of making recompense for his sins of pissing all over them and their moral codes? The one thing we can say about his pacifika voter base is they do not take lightly to those that like commit adultery.
A quick burg or a boozy pummelling at the local can be forgiven with an all day Sunday mass and a tithe but not a bit of hanky no no!

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