Sunday, 9 March 2014

My First Post

Well here it is, my first post on my politically incorrect blog. It's (the blog) not meant to grow, attract readers or even be particularity insightful.  It's my place to vent.
Although given the soft cock small minded venal attitudes of some of those I'll likely be venting at I suppose even on a no readership blog I better watch myself. It seems many politicans and their sycophants have nothing better to do than do word searches on their names to see if someone is taking them seriously. (No one is but they do take some of the shit they do seriously...and like me object to it!)

As I learn how this works I might link to other blogs so when I'm tired of poker I can comment and pull the posts apart as well as the lame ass lefty drivel in our so called press.

Bring it on!

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