Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The rabid greens as seen by WO pt 1.

As I said in my first post I intend to use this as my place to vent. So here are some of the comments and my replies from WO's 1st post on the greens today

Laugh it up Monty, but remember who will have to pay the piper. Wussels idea to just print it, wont work.

Yes Blobby but even that idiot can see that quantitative easing is not required in today's economic environment right? 

He's been here and he knows Mollyhawk is tame compared to lying rat faced weasel with dubious parentage. Or anything prior to Monday
Hahahaha because Cameron Slater has decided he is going to be the respectable face  of blogging and increase his readership and potential revenue his comentators can no longer speak their mind even when it comes to a pair of cunts like Russel Norman and Gareth Hughes! SAD!

Norman's mistake was to fire a broadside at Craig. It was a pointless exercise (which Craig seems to be winning) and it's shredded his cloak of self righteous sanctimony.

I seriously doubt Craig is winning this one but if he is good luck to him. The rabid man hating ho bag Clark and her feminazis were more than happy to take issue with anything they didn't like being said and call it libel and run for the courts to shut their critics up. Craig is simply sending the lefts shit back to them!

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