Sunday, 5 April 2015

NRL: Isaac Luke investigated for homophobic slur

The NRL are beyond belief. Why? Why are they getting so touchy feely about the use of words.
Good grief.
The Herald is outraged....of course.

What he  actually said:

"get off my page you lil poofters" Luke wrote.
"This is about a kid your fans knocked out. Well now two kids Yous dropped. We train at Redfern come down and see if you fellas are still carrying on #rulesarerules even though it was a hard penalty to take. I bet yous would've done the same had we done it to one of your players. Or we would've have even had u gooses commenting had it happened earlier on in the game. Now get off my page."

Now seriously these do gooders in the NRL need to wind their necks in. He called a couple of punks poofters on an instagram page. So what?
How is that homophobic? Were they homos? Are all homos poofters? Are all poofters homos?
Since when?

These people give me the shits and the liberal wave of new age censorship and the willingness of the masses to allow it should be shunned at every opportunitiy.

It would be completely different if Luke had been promoting harm to homosexuals or was actually engaging in some kind of activity or language slamming them. He wasn't.
He wasn't even talking about homosexuals. The use of the word poofter means nothing. Next thing the queers and steers will be alleging discrimination over the use of the words gay or rainbow...oh..wait...silly me...they are.
Fuck 'em all the pansies!

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