Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ill Immigrants Want to Burden Kiwi's Pt.2

And today the HOS continues with it's assault on the kiwi taxpayers wallet with demands from the moronic do good pantie waists at the Human Rights Commission that immigration should be more compassionate?
Mojo Mathers comment "If today's criteria had been applied to me when my family applied to migrate here back in 1981, it is likely I (or my mother who is a survivor of a major motorcycle accident) would have been rejected as well," is laughable.
Lets be honest, if that criteria had been applied NZ would be better off and we would be one less troughing watermelon fruitcake, I fail too see how that's a bad thing!

Ian Lees-Galloway has learned a new word and throws it out throws it out there but isn't saying what we should give up to keep foreign cripples and autistic kids in life long care.

Autism NZ CEO now wants wants lawyers involves as he thinks our rights to determine who can and can't come and live in our country breach some treaty of the commies at the UN the fucking idiot.

All he's going to do is piss away his associations money on suits that will eventually come back and tell him what a half wit could fathom for himself; that we bloody well do have the right to say who does and doesn't live here and we can and should apply any bloody criteria we like.

Nobody is suggesting that NZ's autistic kids should be packed up and sent away. I'm sick and tired of these grandstanding cunts that will say and do anything to get their names in the paper.

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