Sunday, 14 February 2016

Ill Immigrants Want to Burden Kiwi's

The Herald is once more advocating that immigrants to this country get special treatment and that the Immigration ministry is remiss in not listening to the Heralds simpering and hand wringing as our bureaucrats finally do what we pay them to do which is look after our best interests not the interests of a small minority of unfortunately afflicted which have the nous to run to the press.

Statements like this need to be challenged "The Brazilian-born woman, who is in a wheelchair, has been rejected residency because of fears she may be a burden on the health system. Her doctors say that is unlikely."

Of course her doctor is going to say that, why wouldn't he/she? It's an open ended statement and "unlikely" doesn't mean a thing.
Quite frankly its just as "unlikely" that she won't be a burden on our already over strained health system in much the same way as an Autistic kid will be both a burden on our health and education systems.

I'm sorry but this just isn't NZ's problem to bear, we have our own burdens on society. 

It's high time our immigration officials took a harder stance on the quality of immigrant to this land. One only has to sit in a public hospital emergency room to see the multitude of entitled, pushy, arrogant, non English speaking patients that should really have gone to a GP but refuse to as it will cost them. 

I've just gone through this experience after being referred to North Shore Hospital by my GP. The attitude of some of these people is mind boggling and one even demanded an interpreter which a nurse whispered to me would be paid for by the hospital...which means me! Last time I looked the bloody hospitals weren't paying their way. The taxpayer was.

So stuff the Herald and its cry baby soapbox for those that are a bit hard done by and good on immigration for making the tough calls and putting NZ first for a change.

It's about bloody time!

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