Wednesday, 30 March 2016

This Barber Highly Recommended

Was walking past here today and noticed that the only customer was about to leave and I needed a haircut so I popped in and took a seat.

Within moments I'm in a chair with a "Is it a number 1 or number 2" (Awesome! Guy takes one look and gets a read, my hair was fairly (for me) long) Two I reply, then a pleasant "Having a good day?"
I agreed I was.

And the action began. No stuffing around no chit chat just a haircut, clippers literally flying, lightening fast comb changes (I wasn't expecting frills but there were) and then a cut throat razor clean up of neck back and sides. And that thing was flying too.

Within minutes I'm in front of counter with best hair cut in decades done in about 5 mins tops. (The lack of a neck protector meant a bit of an itchy afternoon however but hey...a real man doesn't let that grind him time I'll ask)

All this for 12 bucks, like seriously...12 BUCKS! From a real barber, no poncing around and as the man said as I more than happily handed over the card "In and fuss"

Damn straight! I'll be back! I don't live anywhere near Onehunga but I'm over there enough and good service deserves reward.

Oh and I also recommend a pie from Crosby's Pies two doors up.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

universal basic income

There has been a fair amount of chat around this so here's my 2 cents worth.

Today Gareth Morgan was named in the NZH editorial as "an economist" that supports this piece of economic stupidity and sabotage.

Well first off Morgan can call himself whatever he likes just as I can call myself a "Civil Engineer" but god help me if I ever tried to sign something off!

This is a moronic idea and with out even bothering to drill into the numbers (which are hideous) even at face value on its first utterance it was nothing more than another feeble attempt at voter bribery by Labour.

The simple fact is that people even talking about this piece of utter fucking stupidity are simply adding fuel to the fire and giving it some kind of credibility when it has none.

When the Herald rubbishes a Labour bribe and stamps it as unaffordable then the games over. The socialists there are probably lining up at his office to knife Curry in the back for shooting their luvvie pipe dream to pieces. Morgan will never speak to him again. (Or at least until his next piece of socialism is ready for airing)
Of course when Gareth takes all his coin and holdings out of trusts and makes it as taxable as my income then perhaps I'd take him a bit more seriously?


As Predicted

Well I got that as right as could reasonably be expected in this post.

Hard to believe the Herald are so blind they can't even see their continuous pattern of finding and reporting on whiners is so predictable. But there you have it.

As I said, women, kids trapped in car...going nowhere. Surprise surprise. Has this halfwit never seen a news report at Easter in the past? Clearly not!

Whiners and imbeciles howling about their own choices. World is full of them and the media can find them at the drop of a hat. Give me strength!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Giving Local Council Control over Easter

Well alright..not exactly but the Government is once more considering abrogating more responsibility to councils. Cameron Brewer writes on this today about Easter trading laws.

He states the councils positions around the country in their submissions were against the idea as it would will add significant legal and financial burden, which of course it will as they get hammered by SME's demanding to be allowed to trade.

"By allowing each and every TLA in the country to establish different Easter trading bylaws, some may argue central government is simply passing the buck on a tricky topic. It creates significant costs while lumping yet another responsibility on councils far exceeding their traditional role"
It would also be bloody confusing for the rest of us.
This legislation and its responsibility sits with the Government and that's where it should stay. Councils should be pushing back and steadfastly refusing to take on more government tasks. Local Government already has far to much sway over our lives.

"While it makes the six o'clock news every Easter, on reflection I don't believe there is much public mood for change. Most New Zealanders I believe would support keeping most businesses closed for 3.5 days out of 365."
So do I.  The reality is Easter is used by many families as a time to get together. It's hardly a family opportunity if some members are being "asked politely" by the boss to make themselves available for work and they can have time and a half and a lieu day some other time when everyone else is back at work.

Regardless of your reason why!

Cameron Brewer-NZ Herald

Road rage video a fake

These self righteous pricks are becoming a law unto themselves as they post videos of frustrated motorists that they are deliberately setting up.
In this case it appears the lycra wearing tosser faked the rage (dubbed I suppose). Given the cops were investigating before the maggot came clean I'd imagine the cars owner has been through some misery.

On top of that the scumbag claims to work in media.
Well the media is littered with SJW's trying to make the world a better place for arrogant cocks on pushbikes one must admit.

The police need to prosecute the MAML.

NZ Herald

Easter Traffic

OMG. No way. The roads were all snarled up this morning. How come no one saw this coming? Oh..wait..they did and like a clever kiwi they went bugger that and stayed home.

Every year the same and every year the numpties feel the need to report on it.

I'm sure the TV news will have some sniveling woman whining about how muggy it is and how her three little precious darlings only wanted to go on holiday and now can't get to the toilet and John Key should be doing something about it.
Meanwhile of course Labour and the Greens want roading projects slashed and for people to push bike everywhere (except them of course...they're far to important) and an end to "Holiday Highways"

Add to that the big news about the police being out there to reduce the road toll and being out their preventing accidents not just gathering revenue by parking at the end of passing lanes.

"A driver was caught travelling close to double the speed limit on a wet and stormy Waikato road yesterday, just as the Easter holiday period began.
Travelling 82km/h in a 50km/h speed zone, the motorist was zapped by the Waikato Roading Police Team yesterday afternoon."
I'm trying to work out how a third equals double but then again facts have very little to do with journalism and never have so no real surprise here. Most sane people would have expected the number to be 98 not 82!

Photo and quote from NZ Herald

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Flag Referendum

I'm not going to bang on about this except to say I made no secret of my intent to vote for the current flag because as far as I'm concerned it reflects my heritage and that of my ancestors that made this country what it is. A fact that my children also seem to appreciate as my vote also followed my kids wishes.

However those that voted with me and have allowed my preference to prevail because their intent and wish was a protest vote from the left simply to make John Key look small and look a like a loser are dip shits, tossers and halfwits.

The left wanted a change and you have pissed it away. This is the mentality of you wankers. Anything for a score eh? Once more cutting off the nose to spite the face.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Well of course...Maori taking legal action over Kermadec sanctuary

They can't help themselves Iwi are at it again with the hand out mentality which is seeing them rapidly becoming public enemy No.1.

Te Ohu Kaimoana said all iwi, not just northern iwi, had rights to Fisheries Management Area 10, because of a Treaty of Waitangi settlement in 1992.
"These rights - like all quota and customary non-commercial rights - endure and are not limited in time irrespective of whether iwi (or their members) have or have not fished in the area."
Its legal action was backed by large northern iwi Ngati Whatua and Ngapuhi as well as other iwi around the country.
The Government is not offering compensation to affected iwi, saying that the fishing take was small - around 20 tonnes a year - and that Maori with quota rights had not fished the area in five years.
The fishing take is believed to be worth around $165,000 a year.The absence of compensation was raised in Parliament this week, when legislation which will establish the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary was debated.The Maori Party and the Act Party said that affected fisheries should receive some form of reimbursement.Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox said 58 iwi with interests in the region had been ignored by the Government.
 The reality is the damn place is halfway to Tonga for crying out loud and yet they claim "customary rights?" Bullshit. Go fish it with a Waka then and lets see how many of you make it back.

These wankers are just after everything they can get yet this time key has already said there won't be any kind of settlement because
"Parliament has the sovereign right to do what it likes".
 Lets see if he has the stones to sit the 2nd generation bludger Fox down and put her back in her rightful list MP place.
I'm not putting a bet on it!

Jones x Peters = Trump?

Rodney Hide has got the comments section of the HOS in a lather with his comparison of Trump being a cross between Bob Jones and Winston Peters.

John Northcott has this to say:
"Is inexplicably popular.
Has a mob of braying sycophants to whom he can do no wrong.
Is unpopular with a large proportion of the population.
Avoids difficult questions with bullying personal attacks and put-downs.
Has an obsession with hair.
Donald Trump? No, John Key."
Good to see the Key haters can find a way to get it out there no matter what.

Then there's this whack job Jim:

"Good- high time we rounded up all of the criminals in this Country also and put them all on trial. They are killing off Kiwis - farmer suicides, teenage suicides and youth suicides via the legal highs poison scam, kids living in cars, dying in cold homes, 20% of the population on new age whacko meds that destroy health- more child abuse and sex abuse than every recorded, the meth scourge as they spend our money going after much safer cannabis etc. Its like a Bolshevik takeover- and time we said enough and rounded them all up."
Hard to say what he's on or who he wants rounded up but you go Jim!

Scooby Doo is not a big Rodney fan though and puts it out there:
"Another pointless biased article against Winston Peters, NZ Herald's speciality!
Winston Peters is indeed a very experienced politician, he is nothing like Trump. Trump is totally American and would not be tolerated in NZ.

"Peters life is politics. It's all he knows and all he does".
Wrong, he was a lawyer previously as I'm sure you know!

Winston is not against immigration per se, but Auckland clogged to the brim as it is now, is a good indication of what happens with uncontrolled immigration and lack of infrastructure.

You on the other hand, set up the so-called disastrous "Super City", we were told this was to save money. Instead we got massive blowouts, gross wastage of ratepayer money, lack of budgeting skills, extremely unhappy ratepayers treated like Santa Claus and efpos machines, lack of transparency and consultation and far too many staff; I could go on all day. You would be wise not to point any fingers at Winston Peters. He has NZ's best interests at heart."
However it's this quote from Rodney's article that I go along with,
"The Trump phenomenon is not unfamiliar. I am enjoying his rise - not that I like Trump but I love the gnashing of teeth he causes. He is not the political experts' choice for President.
They think him unfit. But they forget it's democracy. It's the people who choose political leaders and, quite often, the people want to give the establishment a good kicking."

Damn straight. The simple fact is the people are sick and tired of mealy mouthed politicians telling them how to live and think and leaping on the PC bandwagon even when in their heart of hearts they don't truly believe in the cause but are to gutless and cowardly to say anything that might affect their standing in the polls.

I'm no fan of Trump but I'm loving the wailing of the left in the media and in general.

Wicked Campers Upsetting the Prudes-again

Paula Bennett is leading a charge against humor and freedom of expression because in this case shes offended.
Apparently none of the people in this article are easily offended and one 67yr old complainant is happy to curse like a sailor to get her point across about how offended she is.

Does it ever end? A group of women are upset about a successful company that uses one liners that have been around for years (none are original as near as I can tell) and they are upset because they seem to be aimed at women?

 Here's a little factoid for Paula and Wendy, there is an awful lot of crap advertising on radio and TV these days which is aimed at men yet nobody gets at all offended.  If these slogans were primarily aimed at men would they be offended? Somehow I don't think so.

There's no quote in this load of Fisher drivel worth repeating with the exception of one from Wicked Campers regarding listening to complaints and his action to address them he said the company had
 "employed a team of highly-intelligent, socially-conscious super monkeys to closely monitor the subject matter featured on our vehicles and scream loudly when offended".
 The duty of the monkeys?
 "Satisfying the whims and wishes of the humour-inept, self-righteous moral majority while wearing little monkey tuxedos and funny hats."


To be honest Paula, between this and your pledge card last year you've lost my electorate vote. Get a life. 

(Quotes and photos courtesy of The Herald on Sunday online)

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Do these pricks really believe their own drivel?

Seriously? Auckland's CBD will be in lockdown for the next four years for projects  almost nobody wants and this moron has this to say.

"Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan said cycleways and bus services would help alleviate traffic."
 How on earth stealing roads that motorists and ratepayers paid for and giving them to private bus companies and the few MAML's that use cycleways is going to reduce congestion is a mystery that only this twat and his social engineering scumbag entity seem to understand.

The rest of seem to be able to comprehend that many people NEED their car for a variety of purposes and can't take a bus to work, therefore forcing the roads from two lanes to one will probably not be much help!

These wankers and their idiot agendas led by the current incumbent idiot mayor need rinsed by our next mayor, unfortunately not one person with the stones to do it has put their hat in the ring.

Not one!

Lizzie Marvelly: Bachelor makes a feminist's heart ache

"As a feminist, I find few things more torturous than watching The Bachelor. Or more problematic."
Really? Then don't fucking watch it. Jesus wept, that's as far as I got through this insipid morons weekly diatribe,  which is further than I'd prefer.

Why the Herald has decided to become nothing more than than the soapbox for wannabe left wing actors, singers and politicians is beyond me but that's where its at.

Who the fuck really cares what a whiny cunt like Lizzie thinks? What has she ever bought to the party? When the fuck has she ever lost anything or gone without, suffered or struggled?

This cunt doesn't even know she's born just like the sniveling little teenager that preceded her Verity Johnson.

Both a pair of spoiled, witless brats. 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

The overpaid and entitled don't care if you can't afford eggs.

SAFE and its minions are at it again, with a half witted ill thought out campaign to force Countdown to only stock free range eggs.

Antoinette Laird, the head of external relations for Foodstuffs, which manages Pak'nSave and New World, said the poultry industry did not have enough capacity to supply exclusively non-cage eggs, given customer demand.
"We believe it's important to maintain the affordability of an important dietary product such as eggs to all consumers."

Skilton said it was disappointing that it came down to money. "It's disheartening to see animals treated that way just for money."
 Emmett Skilton, Kevin Milne, Antonia Prebble, Robyn Malcolm, Jaquie Brown, Ben Barrington, Joe Cotton and Suzanne Paul need to wind their necks in. Do these pillocks fail to understand the principles of supply and demand?
These are the same snivelers that whine about child poverty yet all this policy would achieve is driving the costs of eggs into the the luxury item bracket. Morons.