Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Traffic

OMG. No way. The roads were all snarled up this morning. How come no one saw this coming? Oh..wait..they did and like a clever kiwi they went bugger that and stayed home.

Every year the same and every year the numpties feel the need to report on it.

I'm sure the TV news will have some sniveling woman whining about how muggy it is and how her three little precious darlings only wanted to go on holiday and now can't get to the toilet and John Key should be doing something about it.
Meanwhile of course Labour and the Greens want roading projects slashed and for people to push bike everywhere (except them of course...they're far to important) and an end to "Holiday Highways"

Add to that the big news about the police being out there to reduce the road toll and being out their preventing accidents not just gathering revenue by parking at the end of passing lanes.

"A driver was caught travelling close to double the speed limit on a wet and stormy Waikato road yesterday, just as the Easter holiday period began.
Travelling 82km/h in a 50km/h speed zone, the motorist was zapped by the Waikato Roading Police Team yesterday afternoon."
I'm trying to work out how a third equals double but then again facts have very little to do with journalism and never have so no real surprise here. Most sane people would have expected the number to be 98 not 82!

Photo and quote from NZ Herald

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