Friday, 25 March 2016

Giving Local Council Control over Easter

Well alright..not exactly but the Government is once more considering abrogating more responsibility to councils. Cameron Brewer writes on this today about Easter trading laws.

He states the councils positions around the country in their submissions were against the idea as it would will add significant legal and financial burden, which of course it will as they get hammered by SME's demanding to be allowed to trade.

"By allowing each and every TLA in the country to establish different Easter trading bylaws, some may argue central government is simply passing the buck on a tricky topic. It creates significant costs while lumping yet another responsibility on councils far exceeding their traditional role"
It would also be bloody confusing for the rest of us.
This legislation and its responsibility sits with the Government and that's where it should stay. Councils should be pushing back and steadfastly refusing to take on more government tasks. Local Government already has far to much sway over our lives.

"While it makes the six o'clock news every Easter, on reflection I don't believe there is much public mood for change. Most New Zealanders I believe would support keeping most businesses closed for 3.5 days out of 365."
So do I.  The reality is Easter is used by many families as a time to get together. It's hardly a family opportunity if some members are being "asked politely" by the boss to make themselves available for work and they can have time and a half and a lieu day some other time when everyone else is back at work.

Regardless of your reason why!

Cameron Brewer-NZ Herald

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