Sunday, 20 March 2016

Jones x Peters = Trump?

Rodney Hide has got the comments section of the HOS in a lather with his comparison of Trump being a cross between Bob Jones and Winston Peters.

John Northcott has this to say:
"Is inexplicably popular.
Has a mob of braying sycophants to whom he can do no wrong.
Is unpopular with a large proportion of the population.
Avoids difficult questions with bullying personal attacks and put-downs.
Has an obsession with hair.
Donald Trump? No, John Key."
Good to see the Key haters can find a way to get it out there no matter what.

Then there's this whack job Jim:

"Good- high time we rounded up all of the criminals in this Country also and put them all on trial. They are killing off Kiwis - farmer suicides, teenage suicides and youth suicides via the legal highs poison scam, kids living in cars, dying in cold homes, 20% of the population on new age whacko meds that destroy health- more child abuse and sex abuse than every recorded, the meth scourge as they spend our money going after much safer cannabis etc. Its like a Bolshevik takeover- and time we said enough and rounded them all up."
Hard to say what he's on or who he wants rounded up but you go Jim!

Scooby Doo is not a big Rodney fan though and puts it out there:
"Another pointless biased article against Winston Peters, NZ Herald's speciality!
Winston Peters is indeed a very experienced politician, he is nothing like Trump. Trump is totally American and would not be tolerated in NZ.

"Peters life is politics. It's all he knows and all he does".
Wrong, he was a lawyer previously as I'm sure you know!

Winston is not against immigration per se, but Auckland clogged to the brim as it is now, is a good indication of what happens with uncontrolled immigration and lack of infrastructure.

You on the other hand, set up the so-called disastrous "Super City", we were told this was to save money. Instead we got massive blowouts, gross wastage of ratepayer money, lack of budgeting skills, extremely unhappy ratepayers treated like Santa Claus and efpos machines, lack of transparency and consultation and far too many staff; I could go on all day. You would be wise not to point any fingers at Winston Peters. He has NZ's best interests at heart."
However it's this quote from Rodney's article that I go along with,
"The Trump phenomenon is not unfamiliar. I am enjoying his rise - not that I like Trump but I love the gnashing of teeth he causes. He is not the political experts' choice for President.
They think him unfit. But they forget it's democracy. It's the people who choose political leaders and, quite often, the people want to give the establishment a good kicking."

Damn straight. The simple fact is the people are sick and tired of mealy mouthed politicians telling them how to live and think and leaping on the PC bandwagon even when in their heart of hearts they don't truly believe in the cause but are to gutless and cowardly to say anything that might affect their standing in the polls.

I'm no fan of Trump but I'm loving the wailing of the left in the media and in general.

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