Saturday, 12 March 2016

Lizzie Marvelly: Bachelor makes a feminist's heart ache

"As a feminist, I find few things more torturous than watching The Bachelor. Or more problematic."
Really? Then don't fucking watch it. Jesus wept, that's as far as I got through this insipid morons weekly diatribe,  which is further than I'd prefer.

Why the Herald has decided to become nothing more than than the soapbox for wannabe left wing actors, singers and politicians is beyond me but that's where its at.

Who the fuck really cares what a whiny cunt like Lizzie thinks? What has she ever bought to the party? When the fuck has she ever lost anything or gone without, suffered or struggled?

This cunt doesn't even know she's born just like the sniveling little teenager that preceded her Verity Johnson.

Both a pair of spoiled, witless brats. 

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