Tuesday, 29 March 2016

universal basic income

There has been a fair amount of chat around this so here's my 2 cents worth.

Today Gareth Morgan was named in the NZH editorial as "an economist" that supports this piece of economic stupidity and sabotage.

Well first off Morgan can call himself whatever he likes just as I can call myself a "Civil Engineer" but god help me if I ever tried to sign something off!

This is a moronic idea and with out even bothering to drill into the numbers (which are hideous) even at face value on its first utterance it was nothing more than another feeble attempt at voter bribery by Labour.

The simple fact is that people even talking about this piece of utter fucking stupidity are simply adding fuel to the fire and giving it some kind of credibility when it has none.

When the Herald rubbishes a Labour bribe and stamps it as unaffordable then the games over. The socialists there are probably lining up at his office to knife Curry in the back for shooting their luvvie pipe dream to pieces. Morgan will never speak to him again. (Or at least until his next piece of socialism is ready for airing)
Of course when Gareth takes all his coin and holdings out of trusts and makes it as taxable as my income then perhaps I'd take him a bit more seriously?


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