Sunday, 20 March 2016

Well of course...Maori taking legal action over Kermadec sanctuary

They can't help themselves Iwi are at it again with the hand out mentality which is seeing them rapidly becoming public enemy No.1.

Te Ohu Kaimoana said all iwi, not just northern iwi, had rights to Fisheries Management Area 10, because of a Treaty of Waitangi settlement in 1992.
"These rights - like all quota and customary non-commercial rights - endure and are not limited in time irrespective of whether iwi (or their members) have or have not fished in the area."
Its legal action was backed by large northern iwi Ngati Whatua and Ngapuhi as well as other iwi around the country.
The Government is not offering compensation to affected iwi, saying that the fishing take was small - around 20 tonnes a year - and that Maori with quota rights had not fished the area in five years.
The fishing take is believed to be worth around $165,000 a year.The absence of compensation was raised in Parliament this week, when legislation which will establish the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary was debated.The Maori Party and the Act Party said that affected fisheries should receive some form of reimbursement.Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox said 58 iwi with interests in the region had been ignored by the Government.
 The reality is the damn place is halfway to Tonga for crying out loud and yet they claim "customary rights?" Bullshit. Go fish it with a Waka then and lets see how many of you make it back.

These wankers are just after everything they can get yet this time key has already said there won't be any kind of settlement because
"Parliament has the sovereign right to do what it likes".
 Lets see if he has the stones to sit the 2nd generation bludger Fox down and put her back in her rightful list MP place.
I'm not putting a bet on it!

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