Sunday, 1 May 2016

Is This Even a Story?

Saw this in the paper this morning and it reinforced for me my decision to cancel my Herald subscription.

US tourist: New Zealand Airbnb host stole my husband

Seriously, what is this? Some sort of hit job? I didn't even know what Airbnb was? Apparently its some kind of Uber style Bed n Breakfast site. Well these tightwads don't want to pay to stay in a proper hotel..well whoopie.

And her scumbag hubby does the dirty? So what? How is this news?
Why would anyone in their right mind think this was worthy of a place in a newspaper? The NZ Herald's editors, its journalists (I laugh and laugh) and NZME need to take a good long hard look at themselves if this is the kind of crap they believe their readers aspire to.

Good riddance to it.

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