Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Jim Beam Introduces a New Pour Insert for Their Bottles

Bought this today, a one litre bottle of Jim Beam.

Q. What's wrong with this picture?
A. These fuckwits have inserted a pourer. Now its not a controlled pour and nor can you remove the fucking thing.

So what's your point you ask?

This. I can't put my controlled nip pourer in here. These brain dead cunts have created a spout for the use of  those with the fucking DT's one presumes but it's no fucking use to anyone that uses a mechanical nip pourer.

What genius thought this was a good idea? Do these pricks ever actually connect with their customers? Do they know they have customers? Do they care?

Well let me help you out Mr. Beam. You can stick up bourbon ya arse. This is the last bottle I will be buying!

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