Thursday, 26 May 2016

Oooops.... Banned Again From WOBF

You can run but you can’t hide

Seems I've got another commenting holiday for the below (15.05.16).
I was thinking about posting this and having a full on rant but when as I was trawling for all the comments I saw this which has made me reconsider.
I'm still posting it because this is my blog and I'll do what I like but I think I'll keep it in context. It's their blog and they can do what they like and it's not like I didn't know the rules.

"“But the huge mountain of student debt is something we need to rethink.
At $15 billion and still growing, it is clearly getting out of hand.”

Here's an idea Chip. Let's axe all the dopey courses these little bludgers can get loans for....woman's studies, media studies,film, basket weaving....blah blah the list of idiot courses is endless because all it is is another gravy train for troughers to set up some dimwitted academy and get accredited.
As my Dad used to say the best way to get ahead is to make your own job and this lot have perfected it aided by a compliant socialist government.

Media studies maybe but film is an industry and a highly technical one at that.
There are very few long term career opportunities in NZ film with the exception of the highly technical ones and even then not so many.
Yet every kid I talk too wants to be a film director or movie star and these muppets encourage this moronic behavior along with the dimwitted parents that make statements along the lines of "Follow your dreams" and other moronic platitudes.
Fine...follow them but why the hell should I fund them?
There are many pointless and wasteful course out there and its high time they were culled out.

I think you need to widen your views somewhat. The statement 'every kid I talk to' shows that really you are talking a lot of rubbish. My son has a masters in film, is a published author and a highly motivated and talented young man. Do you suggest that is ability would be best suited to your narrow view of the world?
We are not all the same. Vive la difference!

I think you are typical of the so called art set. Easy to offend and quick to insult.
You should probably try and get some context from my comment instead of focusing solely on the film aspect. There are any number of taxpayer funded (me) film course's that have no value.
So the centuries of rich cultural heritage we have of music, literature, and theatre means nothing to you? You must lead a very narrow existence if you cannot appreciate the arts of which film is one.
BTW I don't have an artistic bone in me and even though I am a business professional and owner I do appreciate it immensely. For what it is worth I wouldn't know what the art set was unless you mean my talented wife's watercolours.
Clearly you have little understanding of the creative process and it appears that unless someone conforms to your narrow view of the world you discount what they have to offer.
My son is a published author, has written, funded and produced a feature length movie. He works full-time to fund his passion to write and uses the film production skills he acquired as part of his degree every day. He is close to purchasing his own house in Auckland and pays a heap of tax just like you and I.
In the past authors, composers, and playwrights relied on the patronage of the wealthy to allow them to give us the wonderful art we enjoy. By the sound of it if you had your way none of this would exist. Now wouldn't that be a sad world to live in?
BTW one of my daughters is a journalist. That must really upset your sensibilities.

[The following occurred the next day AFTER I saw the reply above. This cunt is on his high horse over some perceived slight to his kids industries which was never my point and I don't give a rats arse if his kids are in film or journalism, they are both genuine jobs and given that I come from a film family why would I care? But I'm fucked if I'm going to sit around and let some fucktard tell me what my world view should be and insult me in the process, I'm sick and fucking tired of precious over sensitive cunts like this]

AvatarWallace Westland jcpry 6 days ago Removed
So what? I'm not wealthy and your family is bludging off me!
And there was a time sunshine when I was brilliant artist and a worthy musician but needs must. And I had to earn a real living not bleed one off someone else.
I have no objection to the arts or those that want to pursue them. I heartily object to paying for it.
Grow up ya sook. And tell ya kids to pay their loans back. And their mates.

 Avatarjcpry Wallace Westland Removed
 {Can't be bothered putting in the effort to find this comment but it was more insults}

Wallace Westland Guest 6 days ago Removed 
Time to go troll someone else. Bye.

jcpry Wallace Westland Removed

 {Can't be bothered putting in the effort to find this comment but it was more insults and a whine about his family}

Of course the following on the same day as the first part of the post above probably didn't help my cause. Got to admit it was a brainless thing to do. Especially when the reply was to a mod.

AvatarWallace Westland Nige. 6 days ago Removed
Arrogant t**ts that think they can drive down the right hand lane on Wairau Road and cut in at the last minute to get onto Tristram Ave in the mornings.
Good luck if I'm the car whose lunch ya trying to cut!
Oh....and those that let queue jumpers cut their lunch...the gutless wimps!

All in all not one of my better days LOLOL. 


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