Sunday, 15 May 2016

Page Two of Todays HOS-Sick days for pets???

Pet Sick Leave? Seems there are businesses in the world that give their employees leave to look after pets.

Well's their business but FFS once more the Herald seems to be coming in on the side of abject stupidity.

For on thing how does a story like this get the inside cover? Actually how does it get into a newspaper (I laugh and laugh) at all?

You want to use up your annual leave looking after your kitten fine by me. Don't however feel the need to ask for some kind of extra provision in the holidays act to get more time off although you can almost guarantee this will be the Heralds next bludging campaign. 

Jesus these people give me the shits and I hope like hell I never meet the med student in the article. People that are obsessed with animals tend to put humans lower down the list.

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