Sunday, 17 July 2016

Heavy Equipment and Some Fails

I've seen this a couple of times. A company I worked for has some equipment featured although I don't recognize any of the sites.
The music is rubbish but its not my video. Just putting it here because I've driven some of this gear and it interests me, along with the fact that its hard to get people to understand how bloody dangerous mining actually is.

Here's some of mine too, the dangers of working over an old underground mine

Drive collapsed under truck
Tracked into peat instead of digging his way in. Took 3 days to recover.
Pitfall collapsed under truck, the truck was dragged out and the rest of the ground gave way to revel a 15m wide 30m deep pit, driver would have been killed.
View from D10 on top of tiphead. Long way down.

Tiphead above collapsed almost taking truck with it.

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