Sunday, 17 July 2016

Im a libertarian? OMG...who knew?

Not me that's for sure. But since I can't comment there I'll do so here.

Can't believe I've been lumped in with Barry!

 Not sure who wrote this seems English isn't their first language but it's just a bit of fun. If you want to take a look click the link and go find it on WO.

Most of my answers are fairly obvious but a couple may surprise. I've put comments in [RED] where I felt like it.

Your (my) answers were:
  • The Government should not censor any opinion in any case.
  • The Church shall finance itself, and be in equal grounds with any other association.
  • Military service shall be voluntary. That is the best way to have a professional army prepared to defend our interests and commitments abroad.
  • Laws should not interfere with sex between consenting adults, in no case.  
[Well in almost no case. If you want to go rooting in the playground in the middle of a school day I've got some bad news for ya sunshine!]
The government should fight drug trafficking with more resources and more effectively. [I'm against drugs as I've made clear in the past. This may not be a libertarian view but then I always thought I was a conservative]
  • The laws and the judiciary should establish in which cases preventive measures go before certain individual rights.  
[I'm afraid I just don't believe that everyone's personal liberties should be up to them to defend nor do I believe that everyone has the right to do as they damn well please!]
  • Any imposition or benefit based on criteria of sex, race or social group, violates the principle of equality before the law, and should not be imposed by the Government.  
[Absolutely, best person for the job and all that or the person I most want to work with. Any business or hiring manager that doesn't hire the best person because of their race, gender, creed, sexual orientation or whatever is a cock and will fail of their own accord and if they feel that way why the fuck would you want to work for them anyway?]
  • The Government shall regulate immigration to allow necessary immigrants to come in a legal way.  
[All of them. I'm sick and fucking tired of this cherry picking focusing on Muslims. There are plenty of other cultures coming to this country that refuse to assimilate as well and despise us for the easy marks we are]
  • The Government shall protect and / or promote the culture and languge [sic] that characterizes its nation. 
[I'm not convinced this reads the way I meant it. I simply chose this as it best means I don't want to turn around and find it is acceptable to promote a job in a restaurant were you must be fluent in Cantonese in NZ (seen this already) not that we should have endless days of Maori language week and make it compulsory in schools...fuck want to learn a dead stone age language spoken by less people in history than the population of Timaru be my guest but don't force it on the rest of us!]
  • There would be less pollution should clear responsibilities and well-defined property rights with respect to pollution be established. 
[Well who the fuck supports more pollution?]
  • The Government should limit imports from some third world countries, as they use cheap labor.
  • Taxes should not go up. They must be at the level required to meet the expenses of the State.  
[There should be a flat tax of 22% imposed on every level of earning with no exemptions starting at $15,000 per annum]
  • Retirement plans should be guaranteed by the Government, with some kind of mixed model that can combine public and private plans.
  • The Government shall manage aid and an adequate assistance to the needy, regardless of whether private charitable institutions may voluntarily supplement that.
[The Government provides nothing to anyone, we the taxpayer do and as a taxpayer I believe that we have a duty to look after those that cannot look after themselves]
  • Professional sectors should be regulated by independent bodies, such as professional associations. Qualified professionals should join them, as their supervision ensures the quality of their services.
  • Labor unions should be governed by the rules applicable to any other association, and no public funding or special functions shall be attributed to them.
  • The Government should guarantee universal access to health care centers using some sort of public funding.
  • The Central Bank has a key role regulating the economy, so it must be independent and supervise commercial banks.
  • Big stores are businesses like any other. They are entitled to compete freely in the market, with no restrictions on their opening hours or prices.
  • Employment contracts should enjoy freedom of clauses between parties. Laws should not interfere in purely contractual matters, such as duration or termination causes.

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