Sunday, 10 July 2016

Is Mallard rooted? Asks Whaleoil

Well personally I hope he is but here's the rub. So far no one on WO has asked the obvious (to me anyway) question. Why the f%$& is John Key opening an office for a list MP? They don't have an electorate and should be in parliament every sitting day.

Who is paying for this? Dollars to a dollop of dog shit it's not the National Party but parliamentary services I.E. us!

List MP's are nothing but troughing scum.
I can of course hear the whiners that will hypocritically point out that it gives National voters in the Hutt a voice but that's just bullshit. If you want your electorate MP to be a National MP then work to get him elected. Otherwise deal with your MP even if he is a prick like Trev the Duck.

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