Saturday, 10 September 2016

Helen Clark vows to Continue Spending Your Money

Clark has been encouraged by a straw poll that moves her from 7th to 8th on the list of preferred candidates for the roll of World President and Head Trougher at the Marxist organisation known as the UN.

Whilst they are all despicable and the UN itself should be disbanded the idea that the man hating fascist Nazi could be leading the socialist minions of this black hole of a money pit should be daunting to anyone born with a dick.

Helengrads campaign of social engineering will be relentless with the wall of money stolen from taxpayers around the world to support her socialist male despising agendas.

She can't win but she'll keep spending our money and Key will keep giving it to her.

She truly is a cunt!

Monday, 5 September 2016

The bleeding hearts are coming for your money to support Chinese bludgers

Elderly Chinese are being dumped on us by their kids who then flee leaving us to carry the can. 

I've been talking about this for years and as per have simply been accused of being a racist.
Funny how telling it like it is makes you a racist!

"There's a big concern over the poor living conditions, low rates of home ownership and the general unfamiliarity with New Zealand housing among the older Asian population," said Associate Professor Elsie Ho, University of Auckland's director of population mental health.
"It's probably worse in Auckland because of the high property prices, but current immigration policy means we will see older migrants from Asia continue to come."
Nearly six per cent of all Asians living in New Zealand, or 27,309, are aged 65 or over.
Ho said a study was underway to explore the impact of housing situation of older Asians and its impact on health and wellbeing.
"The older Asian migrants are really dependent on their children, and there is a small number who are being left here to fend for themselves after their children move back to their home country or somewhere else," Ho said.
A 2013 Official Information Act release revealed that nearly 3000 migrants who brought their parents here, 31 per cent from China, had permanently left New Zealand.

The dependent family members and family reunification schemes are a rort and have no parallel anywhere else in the world and should be abolished.

Why should anyone be able to bring their unskilled parents into the country just because they may have a job in NZ?
It's even worse when it's Chinese as due to the one child scheme it is highly possible that one Married Chinese that's been offered a job can bring in not only both his elderly parents but both of hers too.

Let's say this couple is 30 and their parents are in their early 50's. That means that after 10 years they will be eligible for the pension despite having contributed nothing (or bugger all) towards it.
On top of that they have had access to free healthcare and all the other benefits of this socialist paradise.

It's highly likely the young couple are also bludging off WFF at the same time. Nor have they fully contributed to the infrastructure put in place by those of us that have been taxed to death our entire working lives.

These abandoned parents should be sent back to their countries of origin or those countries pay their pension and healthcare bills.
It is NOT our responsibility to continue supporting every non productive entity in the world.