Wednesday, 16 November 2016

An open letter to film, TV and music personalities

Dear All,

To those of you that have never owned a business, are mostly high school dropouts and probably started life busing tables and flipping burgers yet have taken it upon yourselves to be the spokespersons for economic stability, social and moral conscience and values that everyone should listen to I have this to say.

Your moronic, chicken little pseudo intellectual postulating aimed at the low IQ, low yield, endlessly demanding more handouts segment of the population that lives its lives watching daytime TV and dreaming of winning the lottery has revealed how little impact you have on the real world.

The productive and working middle class of every color race and hue has turned it's back on you and you will never win them back. You can cry racist as much as you like but winners are not bound by color or creed. Only losers wallow in that misery.

Yet now your target audience of losers and takers are out there protesting democracy, burning cars and beating people up and you say nothing or are actively encouraging them.

Go burn your bra's, wail and gnash your teeth, howl into the wind and cry like the simpering spoiled brats and whining girls blouses that you are because no one of any worth gives a fuck what you liberal elitist wankers that live in a fantasy world have to say anymore. 


Wallace Westland

1 comment:

  1. Exactly the way most of us feel, actor, model, ho. With no relevant experience in the real world just puppets repeating their lines.