Sunday, 30 July 2017

I don't usually support Auckland Transport but....

This lot do my head in. Typical  that think the whole city should get out of their way so they can pick up the little precious ones.

Arrogant twat gets TWO tickets and whines about it
"Nigel King, a real estate agent, was fined $60 for parking on a yellow line outside Ponsonby School in Curran St, and another $40 after he turned around and parked over a driveway across the road.
He said he was in the car the whole time, with the engine running, until his 9-year-old son came out of school.
"They have two people there taking photos," he said."If I had tried to park [legally but further away], that would have taken me 10 minutes, and maybe five minutes to get back to the school, so my kid would have been waiting outside for 15 minutes."
Here's a clue. Traffic is stuffed in Auckland and a lot of the reason is because you can't get it through your thick heads that it's not only OK for kids to walk to school with their friends it's good fun.
They really don't need you to hold their hands.