Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Labour Has a New Leader

Jacinda Adern, someone that has never held a real job or been elected to anything other than NGO position and finally parliament after being given a seat to stand in that even a corpse could win so long as it had a red rosette on it is now running for the position of Prime Minister of New Zealand after being elected as Labour Party Leader in a bloodless coup when the last one knifed himself in the throat seven weeks out from the election.

How awesome....NOT!
NZ  needs a strong opposition not a weak self serving liberal gaggle of gays.

When grilled about her experience and ability she took to embellishing the facts.

Asked if she had the ability to lead a government that included the Green Party and New Zealand First, she shot back: "I used to be the president of an international youth organisation that had members from Lebanon, Palestine and Israel. I think I can do this."
Out of Her Depth

She probably should have mentioned that she was elected in 2008 to the openly Communist youth group NGO and also chucked it in and returned to NZ in 2008

All in all Jacinda has never done a thing except languish in the trough.

This is going to be painfully hilarious.

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