Saturday, 30 April 2016

Marvelly Takes Another Swipe at Men

Everyone knows I’m no fan of Lizzy Marvelly so it comes as no surprise to me that she now claims to have been sexually assaulted on numerous occasions by unnamed bogey men high fliers in the music industry.
The Herald’s female editor is so enraptured with the story that it gets a preview on page three and the editorial is all about it. 

Another diatribe of simpering stupidity from an attention seeker once more thrusting herself into the limelight, this time with over exaggerated vacuous accounts of her near rape experiences such as a hand on the thigh, someone getting too close to wish her good luck before going on stage and claims of piggish behaviour done by a man in front of another. 

Now I’m aware that such men exist but seldom are there two of them in the same room and even rarer when one does not step in. However it’s her story and she believes it. I’m not convinced. The account is serious enough to warrant a sexual harassment charge.  So where is it? She names nobody simply makes innuendo that the music industry is rife with appalling males. 

This hysterical performance rabbiting on about the natural interactions between men and women that has been occurring for a 100,000 years which is now offending Lizzy and the lesbo manhating feminazis is symptomatic of the entitled, privileged generation of women we are currently seeing that want to be put on pedestals, yet have pay parity without taking the same risks or efforts. Precious petals that want the best of all worlds while demonising and walking all over men.

Its high time men told harpies like this to go boil their heads. Marvelly is nothing more than another feminist man hater with little talent and nothing of value to add. 
No one can deny that there are far too many cases of abuse of power by men over women however the pendulum has swing so far to the left now that men are being tried and found guilty of being men. This is simply not acceptable.  

For those that genuinely need help you should call:

  • Lifeline: 0800 543 354
  • Rape Crisis: 0800 883300
  • Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation: 09 6231700
Everyone else should get a fucking grip!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sharing-Knock it Off!

There's a new phenomenon among men I've noticed recently. And its sharing.

This is a bad thing how, I hear you ask?
Let me explain.....

Movies & TV shows you watched.
If I'd wanted to see it I would and for all you know I may still be planning to and I don't need the end ruined by you, this also applies to the fucking rugby score.

For fucks sake no!
Nobody wants to hear about your bloody dream. Its bad enough having to listen to your girlfriend prattling on about her dream and "what do you think it means?"
No! Don't share your dream at work or with your mate!

See dreams and then extrapolate.

Discussing sex and/or dreams at the pub!
Huge fail!!!!! 
The pub is for talking about sports, politics, work and fishing. Nobody wants to know the details of your fantasies or your conquests.

Men do NOT discuss their sex lives. Anywhere! Ever! Period!
I do not fucking well want to know what you did with your wife or girlfriend. Especially when she is someone I know.
And I don't need a mental picture of you doing it. NO NO FUCKING NO!

I blame Facebook and Twitter for this explosion of abject stupidity and self centered need for affirmation.
Stop fucking sharing!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Obama on Brexit

Obama has declared that Britain should not leave the EU.
He's cited the USA/Brit relationship and dead US Soldiers in European cemeteries as to why he gets a say.

Somewhat ironic given he'd never dare suggest that the USA should join the EU and open its borders to unskilled migrants who mostly just want to get on a benefit for the rest of their lives, commit crimes and set up 3rd world enclaves governed by primitive vicious laws ruled over by misogynist thugs.

Nor would he advocate the use of the US dollar to prop up the socialist basket cases of Greece and Spain closely followed by France and Italy.

Barry should keep his opinions on this matter to himself instead of issuing veiled threats. He needs to remember that his lot were late for the last two major conflicts and throwing that into the poms faces could well be seen as gratuitous.

Typical socialists, never happy unless they are telling someone else what to do.
Perhaps Bernie Sanders would like to advocate the USA joins Canada and Mexico and they all have one currency and can come and go as they please and sign up for each others benefits.

I'm sure the socialist Canadian PM would love it? No? 

Monday, 18 April 2016

A Dumb Blonde and a dumber 60 Minutes Crew

You know I wasn't going to have a rant about this but fuck it..I am.

This story gives me the fucking shits. There are all the underlying things no one wants to talk about so I'm gonna. No one reads this anyway.

  1. Racism
  2. Sexism
  3.  Progressiveness
  4. Media  

 1: White chick marries middle eastern man AND the fact that middle eastern man does a runner with the kids to his homeland.
Personally she's not getting much support from me here. What the hell did she expect from an entire culture known for its misogyny? 
Was this her little rebellion against her parents? I neither know nor care.

2. In Australia as in NZ when a custody battle is looming men are not just seen as they actually are hugely disadvantaged, they have few rights and little hope of proving they could be a better parent than the mother even if the mother (and I'm generalising here not speaking of any specific person) happened to be some worthless undesirable skank. 
Men have virtually no chance of winning custody of their kids. 
This guy has taken an opportunity and fucked off back to his homeland where the situation is reversed. Men have all the power in the middle east.
Again not much sympathy here for her. She didn't see this coming?

3. The progressives love these guys. The multiculturalism agenda is thriving in Oz and here in NZ. The sympathy card is being played all across the media with talk of how if the boot was on the other foot and a lebo had come here and kidnapped the kids there would be howls of outrage. 
Which of course is true. But the progressives are livid that it is! 

4. The media. They have been found wanting, accused of making the news not reporting it.
Well bloody hell. Its taken some people a bloody long time to wake up to that somewhat salient fact now hasn't it?
I've got sweet FA sympathy for them as they sit in their jail cell either. 

Personally I've got no fucking sympathy for any of them apart from the poor bloody kids. This is the end result of progressive multiculturalism and the rest of them can go fuck themselves. 


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Crim Journos-Making the News

Seems the Heralds readers don't approve of journalists  being implicated in kidnapping and making the news.
But it must only apply to overseas ones because not many of that readership seemed too upset when Heather du Plessis Allan was breaking the law and forging police officers credentials to buy guns.

Guess it's not a one size fits all.  Wonder how the Herald feels about some of its employees that are making a name for themselves these days by being the news instead of reporting it given their mini poll? 

Maori Water Rights

Lizzie Marvelly, the NZ Heralds latest addition to its growing staff of long winded, feminist, PC pandering nit wits fails to see that giving one particular group a spot on boards and committees due simply to the fact that they are Maori IS racist. 

Purakanui Falls-Catlins

"For over a decade the Crown has recognised that Maori have interests in water - interests that are supported by the common law custom of Native Title. As far as laws go, it's an old one, imported from Britain and developed over centuries of interaction with different indigenous peoples. Its basic tenet is that a change in sovereignty doesn't automatically mean a change in property ownership. In our local context, it means Maori have rights and interests in land and water until they voluntarily decide to gift, sell or assign them.
Common law also states that no one owns water, and much of the concern around the ownership of water stems from the idea that someone could seek to exclude others from using it."
Well sure, all this is on face value is true but what she forgets is Maori sold an awful lot and now want it back for free but she goes on....and on...and on....

"So why is it that the mere presence of Maori at the brainstorming table inspires a group of ex-politicians to spend thousands of dollars placing hysterical advertisements in national newspapers?"

Gee Lizzy, would it be because our pandering Government is once more falling in line with the Maori party and allowing the brownmailers more say in our affairs than they have earned? 
These people haven't been elected by anyone yet they will quickly introduce a Taniwha tax and consultation rights and fees with Iwi. 
And another unelected Maori Statutory Board will be born!
"Lost in the racially-charged discourse is the fact that Maori have been involved in the protection of waterways for generations. As a group, Maori bring a huge amount of knowledge, value and mana to the conversation. As the Government has already acknowledged"
What a load of rubbish. Maori protected the waterways and the environment for generations? From what? Their stone age culture? Give me a break. 
This brainless git is simply spewing out the platitudes learned in radical socialist university courses and mouthed by a spineless Government looking to placate it's largest partner in the MMP shambles it refused to reform.

This is just another way of handing out more cash to Maori by stealth.

Pokerstars New Format-Knockouts

Well they haven't thought this through now have they?

Who thought this was a great idea?

I always sit in this chair and look...bang..can't see my second hole card while their fancy little animation hangs in the air AFTER the deal has commenced.


Thursday, 14 April 2016


An avatar is the name given to the little picture people put in their profiles.. I have no idea why it's called an avatar and I don't care.
But I noticed something I was doing on some interactive sites recently that I didn't realise I did but now I see it.

If somebody has a dimwitted, ugly, offensive (to me anyway) or controversial avatar I tend to flit past their comments and opinions regardless of whether that person's opinion is potentially of merit or not. Therefore simply because you have chosen a stupid avatar that while it may have meaning for you has none to anyone else your opinion and thoughts are being sidelined.

Evil or nasty moronic cartoons, children's characters, limp lame and insulting pics will simply have you sidelined.

Seems if a bit of humor is attached or an attractive picture people will look a bit further.

I have no idea if this is a "thing" or just me but I'm willing to bet it is.
Think before you avatar!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Panama Papers-Is This the Years Biggest Yawn so Far?

The most batshit boring story of the year and the media and Labour Parties are up in arms.
They firmly believe they have John Key in their sights the morons.

John Key has a lawyer and a family trust? Really? Who could ever have foreseen that?

What a bunch of twats.
Corrin Dan and the imbecile Little need to grow a brain!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Z promo-Is this the gayist piece of stupidity ever?

A "Z" service station promo called wheres Meg?
Why the hell would I care and who the hell is meg?
Seems like a Facebook farce to me, I'm not going to click links and watch videos for a chance to win a bloody Toyota Prius! And what the hell sort of petrol company flogs off a Prius as a promo tool?

Might as well be a solar panel the tools.

There is no easy sign up option, no scratch and win, just a video I have no interest in watching and this load of gobblygook indicating that once more if you're not part of the Facebook fuckwit crowd you can't play.

How to play:

  1. Enter your unique code to get started (So if you haven't fucking signed in where do you enter your code?)
  2. Sign in via Facebook or by registering your details (Where the fuck do you sign in?)
  3. Check out the daily clue and try to work out where in New Zealand Meg is hanging out for that day.
  4. Search for Meg’s location on the map and use the zoom (+/-) to get close enough to drop your pin
  5. Drag and drop the pin on the map to make your guess
  6. Drag the pin around to refine
  7. Confirm your guess
  8. Play again if you have another unique code
If you get stuck, email us at so the team can help you out. (Fuck off!A Prius isn't worth the effort!)

So shove ya promo where the sun don't shine Z. I don't do Facebook and I'm not playing!  And I won't be back.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Google Nik is now Free

If you're a photography buff you may want to go take a look at this and download it. 

Now I'm going to have a play with it.


Why Doesn't The Council Inspect for Stupidity Instead?

Auckland Council who are so flush with cash are now going to inspect car parks to insure more stupid pricks don't drive off them.

What sort of a fucking imbecile drives off a car parking building? These numpties are saying the wheel stops were there but may have been "off center?" If they were there at all then the clown must have hit at least one side of it and yet still managed to find the fastest way to the street.

Once more people just to afraid to lay the responsibility where it belongs, which quite frankly is at the foot of the idiot driving the car.

Dollars to a pound of pig shit that this fucking muppet isn't a kiwi, can't speak fucking English and got his drivers license in a country famous for issuing them to people that have never actually driven a car.
However regardless of where he got it the prick should never be allowed behind the wheel again!

On top of that the council need to wake up and stop sticking their noses into things that have nothing to do with the. Worksafe will already be investigating this. Why do the jobsworths need to poke their noses in?