Sunday, 10 April 2016

Z promo-Is this the gayist piece of stupidity ever?

A "Z" service station promo called wheres Meg?
Why the hell would I care and who the hell is meg?
Seems like a Facebook farce to me, I'm not going to click links and watch videos for a chance to win a bloody Toyota Prius! And what the hell sort of petrol company flogs off a Prius as a promo tool?

Might as well be a solar panel the tools.

There is no easy sign up option, no scratch and win, just a video I have no interest in watching and this load of gobblygook indicating that once more if you're not part of the Facebook fuckwit crowd you can't play.

How to play:

  1. Enter your unique code to get started (So if you haven't fucking signed in where do you enter your code?)
  2. Sign in via Facebook or by registering your details (Where the fuck do you sign in?)
  3. Check out the daily clue and try to work out where in New Zealand Meg is hanging out for that day.
  4. Search for Meg’s location on the map and use the zoom (+/-) to get close enough to drop your pin
  5. Drag and drop the pin on the map to make your guess
  6. Drag the pin around to refine
  7. Confirm your guess
  8. Play again if you have another unique code
If you get stuck, email us at so the team can help you out. (Fuck off!A Prius isn't worth the effort!)

So shove ya promo where the sun don't shine Z. I don't do Facebook and I'm not playing!  And I won't be back.

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