Thursday, 14 April 2016


An avatar is the name given to the little picture people put in their profiles.. I have no idea why it's called an avatar and I don't care.
But I noticed something I was doing on some interactive sites recently that I didn't realise I did but now I see it.

If somebody has a dimwitted, ugly, offensive (to me anyway) or controversial avatar I tend to flit past their comments and opinions regardless of whether that person's opinion is potentially of merit or not. Therefore simply because you have chosen a stupid avatar that while it may have meaning for you has none to anyone else your opinion and thoughts are being sidelined.

Evil or nasty moronic cartoons, children's characters, limp lame and insulting pics will simply have you sidelined.

Seems if a bit of humor is attached or an attractive picture people will look a bit further.

I have no idea if this is a "thing" or just me but I'm willing to bet it is.
Think before you avatar!

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