Saturday, 16 April 2016

Maori Water Rights

Lizzie Marvelly, the NZ Heralds latest addition to its growing staff of long winded, feminist, PC pandering nit wits fails to see that giving one particular group a spot on boards and committees due simply to the fact that they are Maori IS racist. 

Purakanui Falls-Catlins

"For over a decade the Crown has recognised that Maori have interests in water - interests that are supported by the common law custom of Native Title. As far as laws go, it's an old one, imported from Britain and developed over centuries of interaction with different indigenous peoples. Its basic tenet is that a change in sovereignty doesn't automatically mean a change in property ownership. In our local context, it means Maori have rights and interests in land and water until they voluntarily decide to gift, sell or assign them.
Common law also states that no one owns water, and much of the concern around the ownership of water stems from the idea that someone could seek to exclude others from using it."
Well sure, all this is on face value is true but what she forgets is Maori sold an awful lot and now want it back for free but she goes on....and on...and on....

"So why is it that the mere presence of Maori at the brainstorming table inspires a group of ex-politicians to spend thousands of dollars placing hysterical advertisements in national newspapers?"

Gee Lizzy, would it be because our pandering Government is once more falling in line with the Maori party and allowing the brownmailers more say in our affairs than they have earned? 
These people haven't been elected by anyone yet they will quickly introduce a Taniwha tax and consultation rights and fees with Iwi. 
And another unelected Maori Statutory Board will be born!
"Lost in the racially-charged discourse is the fact that Maori have been involved in the protection of waterways for generations. As a group, Maori bring a huge amount of knowledge, value and mana to the conversation. As the Government has already acknowledged"
What a load of rubbish. Maori protected the waterways and the environment for generations? From what? Their stone age culture? Give me a break. 
This brainless git is simply spewing out the platitudes learned in radical socialist university courses and mouthed by a spineless Government looking to placate it's largest partner in the MMP shambles it refused to reform.

This is just another way of handing out more cash to Maori by stealth.

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