Saturday, 30 April 2016

Marvelly Takes Another Swipe at Men

Everyone knows I’m no fan of Lizzy Marvelly so it comes as no surprise to me that she now claims to have been sexually assaulted on numerous occasions by unnamed bogey men high fliers in the music industry.
The Herald’s female editor is so enraptured with the story that it gets a preview on page three and the editorial is all about it. 

Another diatribe of simpering stupidity from an attention seeker once more thrusting herself into the limelight, this time with over exaggerated vacuous accounts of her near rape experiences such as a hand on the thigh, someone getting too close to wish her good luck before going on stage and claims of piggish behaviour done by a man in front of another. 

Now I’m aware that such men exist but seldom are there two of them in the same room and even rarer when one does not step in. However it’s her story and she believes it. I’m not convinced. The account is serious enough to warrant a sexual harassment charge.  So where is it? She names nobody simply makes innuendo that the music industry is rife with appalling males. 

This hysterical performance rabbiting on about the natural interactions between men and women that has been occurring for a 100,000 years which is now offending Lizzy and the lesbo manhating feminazis is symptomatic of the entitled, privileged generation of women we are currently seeing that want to be put on pedestals, yet have pay parity without taking the same risks or efforts. Precious petals that want the best of all worlds while demonising and walking all over men.

Its high time men told harpies like this to go boil their heads. Marvelly is nothing more than another feminist man hater with little talent and nothing of value to add. 
No one can deny that there are far too many cases of abuse of power by men over women however the pendulum has swing so far to the left now that men are being tried and found guilty of being men. This is simply not acceptable.  

For those that genuinely need help you should call:

  • Lifeline: 0800 543 354
  • Rape Crisis: 0800 883300
  • Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation: 09 6231700
Everyone else should get a fucking grip!

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  1. Marvelly is a limousine liberal, a narcissist with a soapbox whose theories lack balance, facts and ultimately credibility, i kind of feel sorry for her