Saturday, 23 April 2016

Obama on Brexit

Obama has declared that Britain should not leave the EU.
He's cited the USA/Brit relationship and dead US Soldiers in European cemeteries as to why he gets a say.

Somewhat ironic given he'd never dare suggest that the USA should join the EU and open its borders to unskilled migrants who mostly just want to get on a benefit for the rest of their lives, commit crimes and set up 3rd world enclaves governed by primitive vicious laws ruled over by misogynist thugs.

Nor would he advocate the use of the US dollar to prop up the socialist basket cases of Greece and Spain closely followed by France and Italy.

Barry should keep his opinions on this matter to himself instead of issuing veiled threats. He needs to remember that his lot were late for the last two major conflicts and throwing that into the poms faces could well be seen as gratuitous.

Typical socialists, never happy unless they are telling someone else what to do.
Perhaps Bernie Sanders would like to advocate the USA joins Canada and Mexico and they all have one currency and can come and go as they please and sign up for each others benefits.

I'm sure the socialist Canadian PM would love it? No? 

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