Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sharing-Knock it Off!

There's a new phenomenon among men I've noticed recently. And its sharing.

This is a bad thing how, I hear you ask?
Let me explain.....

Movies & TV shows you watched.
If I'd wanted to see it I would and for all you know I may still be planning to and I don't need the end ruined by you, this also applies to the fucking rugby score.

For fucks sake no!
Nobody wants to hear about your bloody dream. Its bad enough having to listen to your girlfriend prattling on about her dream and "what do you think it means?"
No! Don't share your dream at work or with your mate!

See dreams and then extrapolate.

Discussing sex and/or dreams at the pub!
Huge fail!!!!! 
The pub is for talking about sports, politics, work and fishing. Nobody wants to know the details of your fantasies or your conquests.

Men do NOT discuss their sex lives. Anywhere! Ever! Period!
I do not fucking well want to know what you did with your wife or girlfriend. Especially when she is someone I know.
And I don't need a mental picture of you doing it. NO NO FUCKING NO!

I blame Facebook and Twitter for this explosion of abject stupidity and self centered need for affirmation.
Stop fucking sharing!

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