Sunday, 3 April 2016

Why Doesn't The Council Inspect for Stupidity Instead?

Auckland Council who are so flush with cash are now going to inspect car parks to insure more stupid pricks don't drive off them.

What sort of a fucking imbecile drives off a car parking building? These numpties are saying the wheel stops were there but may have been "off center?" If they were there at all then the clown must have hit at least one side of it and yet still managed to find the fastest way to the street.

Once more people just to afraid to lay the responsibility where it belongs, which quite frankly is at the foot of the idiot driving the car.

Dollars to a pound of pig shit that this fucking muppet isn't a kiwi, can't speak fucking English and got his drivers license in a country famous for issuing them to people that have never actually driven a car.
However regardless of where he got it the prick should never be allowed behind the wheel again!

On top of that the council need to wake up and stop sticking their noses into things that have nothing to do with the. Worksafe will already be investigating this. Why do the jobsworths need to poke their noses in?

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