Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Sons of Anarchy

Watched this series a few months ago in a sort of mini binge. Saw a comment on Gab.AI and it reminded me of my roundup comment re the series...this is it
"You can tell some chick is involved in this, they've turned some of the greatest rock music of all time into sappy fucking simpering ballads, and it’s enough to make a man puke!
In all the years and all the gangs I've bumped up against from time to time, such as the Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Gypsy Jokers and the Finks, Southern Vikings, Headhunters and Nomads, I've never seen or heard of all this fucking man love and I have never FUCKING ever seen one of them kiss another. EVER!
Written by fags, chicks and wannabe's."
 The comment refers to gangs in two countries from a time when I was young and even more stupid than I am now and had a tendency to go places smarter people avoided.

Different days.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Rodney Hide still still supporting rampent immigration

WW My comments are in italics.
"The latest immigration statistics are good news. There’s nothing better than people wanting to come and live and work in your country. If it’s a problem, it’s a good one to have. Imagine the reverse. It’s only scary countries that build walls to keep people in, not out.
The statistics are a positive indicator that New Zealand is a good place to live and work.
And it’s not just foreigners thinking so but Kiwis, too. The net loss of New Zealanders was less than 2000 last year.
That compares with an average of over 25,000 for every year that Helen Clark was prime minister. The loss is not just economic and social. I well remember the concern when I was door-knocking that grandparents were losing out seeing their grandchildren grow up. It was sad. One proud grandad was worried his grandkids would be Wallabies, not All Blacks.
New Zealand is now a much more desirable place to live. Kiwis are voting for New Zealand with their feet.
I have nothing against immigration per se, just the way it is being used to flood the country with low skilled low value people and shutting out the next generation of employees ability to get on the job ladder that is already occupied by Indians and Chinese at permanently held down low rates. 
Nonetheless, the latest immigration statistics had opposition parties jumping up and down. For them, it was nothing but a horror.
Fully one-quarter of the permanent long-term arrivals were Kiwis coming home. That’s presumably a good thing." 
It's ludicrous that Kiwis coming home are counted in statistics. They aren't immigrants.
"Nineteen per cent were students. That’s presumably a good thing. Thirty-three per cent were work visas. They are going to be productive to New Zealand. And 13% had residency visas. They meet the government’s policy and were granted residency.
The concern of the opposition parties was infrastructure and jobs.
But the problem is not the people coming in but the people already here."
The student visa program needs to be radically overhauled as do the education providers. These institutions providing joke qualifications and a scheme allowing these people to gain residency here basically because the fork out 10 grand on a pointless tin pot degree. The claims that these education providers are good for the economy are plain wrong. The students should have their visas revoked at the end of there qualification and be returned to their country of birth. Residency should never happen.
"Every day I drive down Colombo St in Christchurch. On one side foreigners are constructing roading, pathways and buildings. On the other Kiwis are sitting in the street begging.
The infrastructure would not be being built if it weren’t for foreign workers.
It’s the same in industry after industry. Kiwis won’t work. Foreigners will."
This litany of Kiwis won't work is constantly being trotted out by employers that won't pay! It is offensive and disgusting and not true. There will always be those few that are completely unemployable.
"There is also the problem of drugs: Kiwis turn up to work refusing to be drug tested or failing to pass the drug tests. So much so, that I know of workplaces that have given up, sadly and reluctantly, on hiring Kiwis sent by Work and Income."
Another factoid blown out of proportion by employers attempting to gain access to cheap foreign labour to drive wages down and profits up.  
"Our hospitals would collapse without foreign workers. So too horticulture. I am sure every industry would suffer without foreign workers."
What many forget is by using these cheap under-qualified workers these industries are deliberately lowering the bar and reducing wages.
"No foreigners are begging in Colombo St. They haven’t the time. They are too busy working rebuilding the city following the devastating earthquakes.
We should be thankful for the great immigration statistics but we shouldn’t be blind to the question they pose. And it’s not the one the opposition parties are asking.
It’s how on earth can a healthy young man sit on his bum all day begging, grumpy with his lot, while foreigners work all around him rebuilding the city?"
Many migrants are undercutting our workforce, their skills and work ethic are marginal. 
How does Hide know that the person he saw is healthy? How does he know he is not mentally ill and incapable of holding a job? 
Hide and his former party are the immigrant party. They will destroy NZ culture in their undying quest for more corporate profit at the cost of the average Kiwi.