Friday, 17 June 2016

Medical Marijuana Campaign

I've got no sympathy for this campaign.

The medical cannabis argument is simply a first stage to decriminalization of marijuana.

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And that quite frankly is to the benefit of no one except the hop heads. And yes I've had my taste and more before anyone gets on their high horse.
My brother (a former drug and alcohol councilor) had a huge hard on about dope and used to quote studies and the like about the harm it did.
Now I'm not my brother and I don't have access to that info so when you all come crawling out of the woodwork demanding it I'm not going to be able to supply but the one thing I do know is it exists and the harm done by THC is NOT fictional.
And as its the THC component the legalise by stealth actually want I'm not really interested.

I don't believe there is any other agenda and call BS on the fact that for some people other available pain relief doesn't work.

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