Saturday, 11 June 2016

Three Imbeciles Catch the Wrong Bus

Another hit job by the NZ Herald on a kiwi business. This time Naked Bus is under the gun because three utter fucking halfwits that can't read an email attachment think they should get their picture in the paper have a bleat and get a refund?

"Three Chinese students saw more of New Zealand than they bargained for - ending up in Tauranga instead of their planned destination of the Waitomo Caves."
Well surprise...
"One of the trio, a student who wanted to be referred to only as Emma, said there was no warning on the booking website that they needed to change buses at Hamilton for the 71.4km leg of the trip to the Waitomo Caves.
But the required switch was referred to in an email attachment sent to the women."
But nooooo....its still the bus companies fault and the Herald still runs with the hit job...

"Emma hoped the company would refund the roughly $90 each woman paid for the return trip, but said it wasn't just about the money.
"I want them to really think about why their system is not complete."
The only thing not complete is this incompetent bitches sense of responsibility and ownership of her own abject fucking stupidity!

"She feared other travellers [sic] might also have suffered a similar fate."
 Bullshit. Sniveling little bitch wants a refund on stupidity and will probably get one just because nobody wants bad publicity even when they are completely blameless. 

NZ Herald and a dopey Chinese Cow

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