Thursday, 9 June 2016

My comment to WO on "Garner has no ides"

Well no.... he doesn't. He's a socialist whiner but so what?

Slater makes the comment "All of those things. Mind you I have worked more than 18 days straight…when was the last time you did that Duncan. "
Well again so what? It cracks me up when fucking elitists make unqualified statements like that. His idea of 18 days straight will be sitting on his arse on his blog that he gets up and leaves from any time he chooses and does other things then comes back to.

I've worked 100's of days straight more than once in low wage jobs. I keep making the same points but some dimwitted fucks don't get it, that it is possible to earn high yearly incomes and be taxed to death doing shit work.

The immigrant argument is a load of BS.
The reality is these people are lowering wages and conditions for low waged Kiwi's while at the same time putting more money in the pockets of unscrupulous (and the not so) employers pockets while at the same time driving the price of housing up in an over heated market.

The apologists for mass immigration like Mike Hosking do not live in the communities that are being overrun with people that are really here to take jobs off low skilled kiwis. The argument that they (kiwis) don't want the work is complete rubbish.

My ex wife has applied for numerous jobs in service industries like Mitre10 and Mobil service stations and has never got past the front door as without fail the work is given to Indian and Chinese students.

When was the last time anyone saw a middle aged white woman working in a Mobil in Auckland? In fact it would be appropriate to suggest that in Auckland anyway many of these industries are actually applying racist employment policies and simply employing their own.

As to this"But, here’s the thing, why don’t those bludgers go and get one of those jobs…that way the farmer or horticulturist or viticulturist won’t have to employ foreigners?
They simply won’t get off their arses to go to work. That is why we need immigrants."

Again I call bullshit. The reality was that agriculture was finally having to pay people better than min wage to front up so instead of raising wages to reflect the skill levels they flood the country with migrants that stay exactly long enough to gain residency and then piss off off the farms and into the cities. 

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